When in Andros, don’t miss a visit to…

Andros, the jewel of the Cyclades, offers many attractions for all types of visitors. By staying in Onar, you will be able to discover the countless beauties of the Island!

Listed below are aggregated some of the must – see sights of Andros:

Agios Petros Tower

Agios (Saint) Petros Tower, Hellenistic era (4th-3rd century B.C.), is one of the best preserved in Cyclades islands. It has cylindrical shape and its height is 20m. The base diameter is 9.40m and is made of local schist. In the interior there is a helical stair, which in the past was leading to at least five floors. The tower is built at an ideal location, since it overlooks Gavrio area and the sea routes. In the nearby area there are copper extraction installations, in function till mid 20th century, with indications of ancient similar activities


Paleopoli is the ancient city of Andros island, which flourished from classical age till roman times. Today it is a picturesque green village at the slope of mountain Petalo, on which there are the probably unique waterfalls in Cyclades islands. Here, you can visit the Archeological Museum, which has many important findings from the excavations in the greater area.

Ancient Zagora

Zagora peninsula is accessible after a 45 minutes walk, following the path starting from Stavropeda. The path is signed and the route is very interesting. The ancient settlement of Zagora is situated on the steep plateau (height 160m.) of the peninsula. The excavations, which took place between 1960 and 1972, brought into light a big part of it.

Pano Kastro (Upper Castle)

Pano Kastro (Upper Castle) or Faneromeni Castle or The Old Lady’s Castle was the strongest and largest city in Andros island during the middle-ages. It was built by Venetians on top of a spectacular plateau north of Ormos, at a height of 600m. It could protect around 1000 (or more) people and it was considered to be impregnable, thanks to the high rocks and the strong wall surrounding it. Its history is unknown and this is the probable reason for the myths associated with it.

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