Mediterranean cuisine has been often described as one of the best in the culinary world for the variety, taste and simplicity of the preparations. Food at Onar is prepared on the spot with fresh products from our Organic Garden, local farmers and fishermen. On Special Nights our chefs, through their creations and live grills, bring glimpses of the magnificent Greek cuisine to you.

A myriad of delicious vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini, eggplant, apricots, grapes, cherries, figs, yogurt, feta and goat cheese, a variety of herbs and seasonings as oregano and cilantro, fish, shellfish and chicken are some of our healthy and exquisite ingredients of our cuisine.

Olives are one of the vital components of our well being, especially turned into the golden green oil extracted from their first cold pressing. Wine is consumed regularly in Greece, mainly with food. Ouzo (an aniseed flavored spirit), Tsipouro and beer are also popular alcoholic beverages. Strong Greek coffee is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages.

Here at Onar we have some local and savory recipes and cooking secrets.
Grandmother knows…

Come and taste our ambrosial specialties.


“If you deconstruct Greece, in the end what is left is an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means: with so much you make it up again.”  once said the poet Odysseus Elytis.

Here at Onar we are everyday inspired for this essential and lively truth and we are pleased to complete your five-senses experience, satisfying and seducing your body and mind, with simple but flawless recipes realized with wholesome admired ingredients.

Culinary pure and homely delights for all the senses, where every taste is one to remember and consistent with the healthiest Mediterranean diet: this is our Restaurant mission.

Well picked organic products from our farm (all our products are certified by DIO, Organisation for Control and Certification of Biological Products), fresh fish from the fishermen of Andros, dairy products from the farms of the island, fresh eggs and freshly baked cakes from our neighbors, pure juices squeezed from fresh fruits are the one and only ingredients our cook choose everyday for our traditional recipes.

The space between the Houses and the Mediterranean climate as our ally let us enjoy the goods nature has to offer and cultivate every sort of arable product used in our diet and, besides the usual fruits and vegetables, we plant special seeds provided by old varieties.

Thankful for what Nature gives us every day, we choose and offer to our guests the very best of our products and from early morning, everyone is invited to taste our Greek breakfast: it’s our wish for a very good day. For lunch enjoy traditional Greek recipes or our fresh lunch basket directly at the beach for a smooth full day by the blue sea or while walking through the valley.

At Onar, we think meals have a kind of sacred convivial feature and we believe in the value of communal consumption: join us under a giant plane tree! Tables are arranged to encourage guests to share their day’s experience and feel part of a community, although privacy is also possible. We meet every day around the big monastery table of ONAR to enjoy home-made food and everything nature has to offer in a genuine good cheer. Of course, a tasting of local wines, Ouzo, and Tsipouro won’t miss…

Our restaurant is open
08.00 – 10.30
13.00 – 16.30
20.00 – 23.00

If you wish to get a closer view of the farm’s organic products, you can come with us to pick of fruits from the farm’s gardens and vegetable plots and come in touch with nature.
Relish these flavors while enjoying the surroundings.



From 1 July – 5 September 2022 a common pool and pool area is available to guests staying at ONAR during operating hours only. Due to limited capacity and to avoid overcrowding, a reservation in advance is required. To book your seat, kindly contact the on site Manager.




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