Our legacy begins in this natural paradise we plunged in since centuries, a place of unique beauty and biodiversity.

Our heritage has its roots in one of the earliest and most important civilisations in the Mediterranean, which is known for its peaceful growth and sincere hospitality.

Our name comes from Ancient Greek and means dream.

Here at Onar, with this extraordinary gift, our mission is to make your dream of nature, relax and conviviality come true, with our formula of sustainability and warm discretion. Since years, we invite you to let yourself be lured into the unparalleled harmony of this small heaven on earth, offering you a collection of 10 individual stone houses on a gorgeously intimate cove on the east coast of Andros, the northernmost in the Cyclades group, two-hour-ferry-ride from Athens.

Our effort aims to welcome you, as individual explorer, couple, family, group, to host your dream and to reveal, with honour and creativity, the valuable natural environment and cultural wonders of Andros.

Our philosophy inhabits each and every activity of ours. With our daily commitment to respect Andros’s nature ecosystem, our basic concern is the least possible intervention in the natural landscape. Building our Houses exclusively with natural local materials, promoting conviviality and wellbeing by proposing meals prepared with ingredients coming from our organic cultivation, seeking ways for developing alternative forms of energy and ecological activities are pivotal pillars of our Onar formula of peaceful life and perfect hospitality.

Come here, unwind, make yourself at home. Listen to the magic of local stories and legends, recounted time and time again, go for adventures, have a walk through the tropical vegetation, while the sun, the sea, the delicious fresh food and the simple décor will reinvigorate even brain and body. Sit round the fire drinking wine in the evening, bask in the morning sunshine at a communal breakfast under a giant plane tree, or trip slowly along the riverbed in the dappled sunlight to Achlas beach and its atmospheric chapel: this is the stuff great holidays are made of..

Come closer, the dream begins.

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