Nature guides us

Our legacy begins in this natural paradise we plunged in since centuries, a place of unique beauty and biodiversity.

Our heritage has its roots in one of the earliest and most important civilisations in the Mediterranean, which is known for its peaceful growth and sincere hospitality.

Our name comes from Ancient Greek and means dream.

Come closer, the dream begins.

The stone houses

A small heaven on earth

On the East side of Andros, north of the cosmopolitan Chora, lies a rare and protected wetland. Covering village and ends its journey at Ahla beach. In this magical place where the river meets the sea we created ONAR.

In harmony with the natural environment

With respect to the protected park of the Ahla wetlands and inspired by Nature itself, we created a small settlement of ten traditional insular cottages spreading next to the river and the plane trees. The harmony in design and construction of the cottages will put you in touch with nature.

The cottages of ONAR benefit from the silent beauty of Cycladic architecture and are made exclusively of natural materials: local stone, wood and river reeds. Inside, minimal furniture and details of reeds and wood in white and earthy colors are harmoniously combined. All the cottages have a sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, an open fireplace or stove and a paved courtyard sheltered by a pergola. Large windows allow the day light in, provide for coolness during summer nights and give the sense of being outdoors.

Staying in one of ONAR’S cottages, makes you part of the natural environment, and enjoying simple and genuine Greek hospitality will make your dreams come true. Onar, always trying to be a unique experience for every visitor, chose to work with and offer hotel amenities, inspired by nature. With the pure Greek olive oil and its beneficial properties as the key ingredient, it boosts your body and, consequently, your spirit to the top level again. Freshness, peace, stimulation, liveness and invigoration are some of the senses that will overwhelm you. The 100% Greek care products guarantee absolute safety and effectiveness as the combination of their natural ingredients is a kind of therapy for the user.

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